[permaculture] Spam & open source was Re: Email addresses being put on web - SHOULD BEFIXED

Graham grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Nov 26 13:42:43 EST 2005

I found that Thunderbird needs some training to spot the spam, but now 
it scrapes away about 90% of the spam before it reaches my inbox. The 
spam still goes into a 'junk' folder so that I can check that nothing 
'genuine' slipped into it before properly deleting, but on the whole its 
been much more effective than the 'third party' spam filters that I used 
to use when I still used OE, which used to also delete loads of genuine 
posts as well as the junk.

I'm still on the slow journey to open source software, mainly using Open 
Office instead of Word now for writing, and have Ubuntu Linux installed 
as dual boot, though i still mainly play with it rather than do serious 
work... (but its only been installed for 2 weeks..) I feel that 
idealogically I'm committed to the idea of open source, just that making 
the transition is a slow process- one day, one day... Maybe I feel a bit 
like a farmer whose tied into agribiz but wants to make the transition 
to organics/permaculture...

Cheers Graham www.spiralseed.co.uk

>I repeat, apart from bndwidth wasting and the fact that, short of what your ISP removes upstream, the spam
>will have already arrived in your email before you can spot and delete it. However you can quickly and painlessly 
>locate, tag and very quickly delete it with software such as Mozilla's mail client (Mozilla and Firefox/Thunderbird).
>On a scale of 1 to 10 this reduced the aggravation from 8 to .5.
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