[permaculture] Email addresses being put on web - SHOULD BEFIXED

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Nov 26 05:59:11 EST 2005

webmaster at pfaf.org wrote:
> Hi,
> 	My pov on the matter, is basically
> yes to public archive readable by anyone
> no  to personal details (i.e. email addresses) published.
> If an email address is published anywhere on the public Internet
> it will be found by spammers, as an example the plants for a future site 
> has been visited by 234 different robots in the last month (full list at 
> http://www.pfaf.org/admin/stats.php) many of these are search engines, 
> but some are most probably email harvesting programs.
> I suspect the mail archive program probably has an option for not 
> showing email addresses. Another option is to use an email hiding 
> technique for instance webmaster at pfNOSPAMaf.org which might be settable 
> in the software.

As I said, I have done all that Mailman offers short of having ALL post to the list
displayed and sent by permaculture at lists.ibiblio.org. I can spend more time searching all the Mailman faqs for list 
manager and server admin options but I doubt I will find anything else that is useful.

> A final point is that if people include their email address in the text 
> of a message or in a signature, then the address will appear even if 
> addresses are blocked. So I'm letting myself into all sorts of trouble 
> by including the signature below ;-).

If people will take more responsibility for controlling spam in their email themselves
instead of blaming the list and suggesting that the list be crippled they would see better results.
I'll bet that were the list crippled to accomodate their theory that their spam problems originate with this list they 
would find that they will still get just about as much spam as before.

Its a matter of how much one ois willing to put up with to have continued free and robust access to valued information.

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