[permaculture] Email addresses being put on web - SHOULD BEFIXED

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Sat Nov 26 04:02:14 EST 2005

	My pov on the matter, is basically
yes to public archive readable by anyone
no  to personal details (i.e. email addresses) published.

If an email address is published anywhere on the public Internet
it will be found by spammers, as an example the plants for a future site 
has been visited by 234 different robots in the last month (full list at 
http://www.pfaf.org/admin/stats.php) many of these are search engines, 
but some are most probably email harvesting programs.

I suspect the mail archive program probably has an option for not 
showing email addresses. Another option is to use an email hiding 
technique for instance webmaster at pfNOSPAMaf.org which might be settable 
in the software.

A final point is that if people include their email address in the text 
of a message or in a signature, then the address will appear even if 
addresses are blocked. So I'm letting myself into all sorts of trouble 
by including the signature below ;-).
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