[permaculture] Email addresses being put on web - SHOULD BEFIXED

Bart Anderson bart at cwo.com
Thu Nov 24 14:57:07 EST 2005

Hello LL,

Well that's fine, as long as everyone understands what the situation is.
My address is constantly spammed, so I'm particularly aware of the problem.

About having posts on the public Web...

I agree that it is very useful for research and publicizing permaculture.

In fact, I searched the archives a great deal, and was surprised about
eight months or a year ago when they seemed to disappear from public access.
I'm pretty sure they did disappear (about the time that the Colorado site
csf.colorado.edu stopped hosting lists).  They remained accessible if
you had a login and password, though I found them much harder to

Personally I'm glad that the archives are publicly accessible.

(BTW, Google has a wonderful way to
search the contents of a just one site, such as http://lists.ibiblio.org/ ,
the site which contains the archives of permaculture and other maillists.
For example, to search the archives for messages containing the word
"potassium", enter:
        potassium site:http://lists.ibiblio.org/
in the Google search window.)

About the display of email addresses....

One thing that is confusing is that in some cases they seem to be displayed,
in other cases not.
- They always seem to be displayed in the Web-version of the posts
- If you reply to message X, then the email address for message X seems to
   be displayed.
- Otherwise, if you receive permaculture posts via email, the addresses
   don't seem to be displayed in the messages.

I hadn't tried to access the public Web archives in  months, so I was
taken aback to see them online and email addresses displayed..

Bart Anderson

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