[permaculture] Email addresses being put on web - SHOULD BE FIXED

Bart Anderson bart at cwo.com
Thu Nov 24 06:17:13 EST 2005

Dear Moderator,

I just noticed that the posts from the permaculture list are now going onto
the public Web again.  For several years, they had been on the public Web,
then about eight months ago, they stopped.

However, the big problem is that people's email addresses now seem to be
displayed in the posts.  After the name of a contributor appears in the
post, their email address is given.

"Mark Puzo mark_puzo_at_yahoo.com said in a previous post"

Here is a sample post that is appearing on the Web:

THIS IS VERY BAD, since it violates the privacy of posters and makes people
susceptible to spammers.

There should be some option in the program for the mail list that will stop

It would probably be good to fix this as soon as possible.  Also -- to
remove the posts now on the Web that have the embedded email addresses.

Thank you!

Bart Anderson

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