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Thought that the discussion on horses and horse farming would benefit from
the inclusion of this:


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A sample of their offerings....

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> hello.
> gaia here.  I love that you are considering horses in your permaculture
> plans.  I am also attempting to integrate (one horse at a time)
> into my permaculture plan.
> for her beauty,intelligence, her fierce spirit, and her loyalty,   and the
> way that she shows me how to communicate more deeply with the land;  for
> all of this, I am grateful for the horse that has come to lead me.
> her name is si marrone, Cimarron in English,
> and she is my teacher in the process of taking a conventional corn/soybean
> operation in Northeast Iowa and converting this to a permaculture  operation.
> As Lisa spoke of, horses basically take care of themselves,
> good grass pasture and water is all they require.
> and they give so much.  manure especially,  and their tremendous power
> which can help us with many tasks.
> not to mention their power and beauty.
> but you must choose an appropriate breed for your circumstances.
> Si Marrone is Percheron (old French out of Canada) crossed with the
> American Quarter Horse(Arabian and Thoroughbred)
> I would like to breed her with a Frisian or , my dream, a PasoFino.
> look forward t

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