[permaculture] spam or not?

Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 12:55:59 EST 2005

I'm starting to wonder about Nepal.  We had several
students trying to get to the course outside NYC,
happening now.  At first, they wanted bank account
information, so they could deposit the funds.  Some
sort of NGO in Nepal actually made direct arrangements
with our bank.  However, they were forced to pull out
when they were refused visa's by their government.

Given the extreme level of poverty in Nepal, it would
make sense that a lottery system would be employed. 
Given the difficulty attending a class for the
"winners", it would make sense that these winners
might be frustrated trying to get to a course.  It
would also make sense for someone in Nepal to consider
$1300 a big business deal.  The fact that their email
correlates to a site that shows products, but doesn't
offer them for sale, may be incidental.

Nepal is a great place if anyone wants to do a course
there.  Is this his real offer to Toby, whom he may be
showing respect asking for a course in Nepal for the
people not able to leave their country for fear of

Just some thoughts.  I have no knowledge of the


--- Will Carey <cure at rtinet.com> wrote:
> Folks...
> This very odd message originates from a very
> legitimate website.  Hm.... I'm not sure if it's
> or not, but the product line seems to be
> "permaculture oriented."  Here's a quote from the
> site....
> "NOAC Pvt. Ltd. is an newly established independent
> Company was established under the 'Company Act 2053'
> of Nepal to engage in Production/Processing of
> Ayurvedic Herbal Product, Import and Export of
> essential equipment and goods from outside the
> countries or the within country from one place to
> another, provide skill oriented Training service and
> conduct Research & Consultancy service in the
> Agriculture field."
> I've seen worse things on this list... And worse use
> of language.
> Will from Oregon 
>> Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 07:54:23 +0545
>> From: M.R. Chapagain/NOAC
Pvt.Ltd."<info at noac.com.np>
>> Subject: Re: Permaculture course in Hawaii
>> To: "permaculture" <permaculture at lists.ibiblio.org>
>> Hey man
>> Let's forget I am a winner of lottery
>> I couldn't belief such types of nonsense massage
>> which waste time only and nothings happen. at last
>> demand money for winner.
>> Would you like to deal big business deal I offer
>> you.
>> Looking forward.

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