[permaculture] worker available

JOSH KOPPEN mudfoot2100 at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 6 22:54:29 EST 2005

I am an aartist with an interest in science.  My hopes are to gain ever more 
knowledge in sustainability from soil renewal to solar cells.  With which 
to, in time, buld a homestead to house, feed, and enrich my family and 
friends, and continue to build a business that will dissolve the myths (that 
some have) that art and home-building are for those born with it, and to 
show that they can be a source of joy for anyone.  I wish to strike the word 
"can't" from anywhere i might find it and replace it with the fun of the 
unknown. I am hoping to find an apprenticeship arrangement in any of the 
natural building &/or alternative energy fields.  I have experience in 
gardening, landscaping, carpentry, framing, home renovation, earth 
plastering, drawing and dreaming.
  thank you very much,
   josh koppen

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