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note interest in a sustainable agriculture professional . . . 

craig k harris
department of sociology
michigan agricultural experiment station
national food safety and toxicology center
institute for food and agricultural standards
michigan state university

From: Kara S. Strong [mailto:kara at SUSTAINDESIGN.NET]
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Subject: AIA SDAT - Sustainable Design Professionals Needed [deletions]

Sustainable Design Professionals Needed

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Center for Communities by Design,
with the support of the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE), is looking
for volunteers to participate in the Sustainable Design Assessment Team
program (SDAT). SDATs bring together multidisciplinary teams of
professionals from across the country to provide a road map for communities
seeking to improve their sustainability-as defined by a community's ability
to meet the needs of today without reducing the ability of future
generations to meet their needs

The SDAT program is a community assistance program that focuses on the
principles of sustainability. The program is based on the AIA's goal of
helping communities create a sustainable relationship between humans, the
natural environment, and place. By achieving balance between cultural,
environmental, and economic systems, communities can sustain a place as a
stage for human settlement.

In 2005, SDAT teams will assist communities in
* City of Pittsfield, MA
* City of Northampton, MA
* Cache County, Utah
* Oklahoma City, OK
* Forest City, N.C.

We are specifically looking for professionals, with a sustainable focus, in
the following fields:
* Brownfield Redevelopment
* Economics
* Energy Efficiency
* Air Quality
* Hydrology and Water Quality
* Agriculture
* Transportation

Professionals interested in serving on an SDAT panel should email your
contact information (name, address, email, and phone number), area of
expertise, and your resume or CV to kara at sustaindesign.net.  If you wish to
participate in the Cache County SDAT, and have experience in Sustainable
Agriculture, Air Quality, Hydrology or Water Quality, we will need your
information by June 3, 2005. All other applicants should provide their
information by June 17, 2005.

Teams will be selected based on their credentials and the specific needs of
each community. Team members cannot reside in the same state as the
community. Travel, lodging, and associated expenses will be covered or
reimbursed but this is otherwise an unpaid position. In order to ensure that
the teams maintain the highest level of objectivity, team members must agree
not to accept work directly related to the SDAT project on which they serve
for a period of three years after the assessment is complete.

For more information, please visit the SDAT website at
http://www.aia.org/liv_sdat , or email Kara Strong, kara at sustaindesign.net.

Please forward this information to the appropriate professionals, or let me
know who I should contact.

Thank you for your assistance,


Kara S. Strong, AIA, LEED AP
Project Manager
Sustainable Design Consulting
Phone: 301-578-1620
New Fax: 301-576-3807
Cell: 240-354-2097
kara at sustaindesign.net

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