[permaculture] Re: Permaculture Archives

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu May 26 21:24:55 EDT 2005

Will Carey wrote:

>I've got some archival material from the old days ...1982-85 when Sego
>Jackson, et al  were first setting up the North American Permaculture
>Institute.  And I've got a lot of B&W photos of Mollison and others during
>the 1982 PCD course.
>Other people who might have these early archival work in the Western US are:
>Micheal Pilarski, Sego Jackson, Guy Baldwin and Tom Ward.   I'm very
>concerned about collecting our history and preserving our common knowledge.
Are you interested in putting this online? I'd be glad to add your 
resources to my permaculture archives at ibiblio,
ftp and http.

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