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*Integrated Mountain Farming and Aquaculture**

*with Rod Rylander at Earthaven Eco-Village near Black Mountain, NC

*Oct 9, 2005*


*This course is centered around increasing the health of the soil. The 
farming systems covered use minimum inputs and investments. Techniques 
covered include rapid rotation, cover crops, polyculture, and the 
integration of animals and plants. More detailed information given 
includes using animals to do work, terracing techniques, talapia 
production, selecting profitable crops and animals, heritage animals, 
nutrient building, small animal care, marketing, natural insect control, 
and weed control.*

*The cost of this class is $55-85, sliding scale. Registration deposit 
for this class is $35.*

*Register now 
- Class details 

Earthaven Learning Center, a 501-c-3 organization educates about 
sustainable culture in a unique way—we demonstrate it in the context of 
village life. Our teaching team is grounded in the vision of a 
regenerative world, because we are living it.

*About Earthaven Ecovillage...
*(For all the details on Earthaven Ecovillage, visit earthaven.org 
Founded in 1994, Earthaven Ecovillage is located on 320 acres in 
culturally rich, biologically diverse western North Carolina, about 40 
minutes southeast of Asheville. We are dedicated to caring for people 
and the Earth by learning and demonstrating a holistic, sustainable culture.

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