[permaculture] Control of Peach Tree Borer

Clint Popetz clint at cpopetz.com
Sat May 14 11:35:02 EDT 2005

On Sat, May 14, 2005 at 07:48:23AM -0500, Jay Woods wrote:
> Thank you all for your help.
> To summarize: 
> 1. Run chickens. (As I am in town this has its difficulties.)

Check your ordinances, it may not be difficult.  I keep chickens in
town, and so do a lot of my friends.  Hens are far lessy noisy than
dogs, so unless the law explicitly prohibits it, you're neighbors will
probably just think they're cute and love the eggs you give them, and
they won't complain :)

I was very apprehensive about poultry, but I am completely in love
with what they do for the soil/weeds/insects, and can't imagine a
healthy backyard ecosystem without them.


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