[permaculture] rodent-repellant herbs?

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Ralph Zingaro at Bioscape can help you.

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Hi Bill,

Any idea where to get the moleplant?  I have terrible mole problems, to the 
point that they kill a lot of the transplants I put in the ground.  Assuming

they are after the grubs, I am putting out milky spore, but that will take a

while.  The moles are all over the place, too.....gardens, yard, pasture, to

the point of killing grass.  My soil is real sandy.  Castor beans don't seem

to do anything.  I am wondering if those things that rotate in the wind and 
supposedly drive moles away actually work.  It seems that they might, 
considering the vibrations that I have heard are at the bases of windmills. 
Has anybody tried them?  Of course, they would just make the moles go far 
enough away if they work anyway.  Does anybody have any suggestions for mole

problems?  I will try anything!

Lisa, in the Ozarks, MO, USA

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>I have had moderate success with MOLEPLANT - Euphorbia lathyris.  Its roots
> contain irritating oils.
> bill

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