[permaculture] rodent-repellant herbs?

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I have great success with un-deodorized fish emulsion and fish scraps
deposited in the gopher burrows. Gophers really dislike their homes to
fouled. I also spray Castor Oil and that works for gophers and moles.
I use a hoe end sprayer for this, creating a 20% Castor Oil/Water solution.

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Hi all,

      I'm planting an herb garden on a plot of land that has a rodent
problem (groundhogs and rabbits, I assume). Fencing and other barriers
aren't really an option for me, so I'd like to explore the possibility of
discouraging rodent browing by interplanting with species which are known to
be unattractive. Any tips? I'm in zone 6.


    David Travis

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