[permaculture] rodent-repellant herbs?

Meng Lei earthpassengers at gmail.com
Thu May 12 09:53:00 EDT 2005

On moles:

I have successfully killed a mole the way an elder taiwanese farmer
told me to, by walking and waiting silently in the garden until i see
them moving the earth - then just pound a carefully aimed heavy stick
(hoe) down at the target. It was surprisingly easy. However, i
completely regret doing so, and have since found that the moles on my
mountain here do not damage my crops at all and are instead more
interested in earthworms. In fact, as i do no tilling and very little
digging in the garden, i find that the moles really loosen the soil up
and I have come to appreciate their service.

However, i realize the situation may be different with moles elsewhere
in the world, and i do have another solution: CATS. We invited a cat
in our lives mainly to eat the rats and cockroaches in our house, but
have found him hunting many many moles. He finds them an easy target.
As i appreciate our moles, i'm not too happy about this, but perhaps
this will help your situation. Just watch out for all the other
wildlife that the cat takes out too. Best of luck.

Peter Morehead

> Does anybody have any suggestions for
> mole
> > problems?  I will try anything!

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