[permaculture] rodent-repellant herbs?

Bill McDorman bm at seedsave.org
Wed May 11 23:23:03 EDT 2005

I have had moderate success with MOLEPLANT - Euphorbia lathyris.  Its roots
contain irritating oils.


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5/11/05 21:28, lblissett at blissett at optonline.net wrote:

> Hi all,
>     I'm planting an herb garden on a plot of land that has a rodent
> problem (groundhogs and rabbits, I assume). Fencing and other barriers
> aren't really an option for me, so I'd like to explore the possibility of
> discouraging rodent browing by interplanting with species which are known to
> be unattractive. Any tips? I'm in zone 6.
>     thanks!
>   David Travis
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