[permaculture] Indigo source?

Toby Hemenway toby at patternliteracy.com
Tue May 10 13:14:43 EDT 2005

On 5/9/05 8:53 PM, "Lisa in Oregon" <lisamaciver8 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> as I recall indigo is tropical and not
> frost hardy, or maybe only to zone 9 or 10.  Might double check on
> the shade tolerance too, I've seen references that it requires sun.

I grew indigo at 1300 feet in Oregon, which places it in Zone 7-8 (10
degrees F once a decade there). It never got below 22 F while I had it, and
it did very well. It was in nearly full sun, although the Bullocks in
northern Washington State are growing it in partial shade.


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