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Mon May 9 12:47:53 EDT 2005

Oops!  The link should be www.bioregionalcongress.org

Ugh, my marketing talents could use a bit of polishing.

Actually, I am just trying to help out the folks at Earthaven.  Thier
attendance for the bioregional congress is surprisingly low - so I am
posting this on our local lists and putting up flyers.  If you were thinking
of going, please sign up!  They need to know early to plan for food, tec.

See you there.


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I don't think that is the correct page. The Bioregional Congress isn't
about genital consumption is it?  I've never been to a Bioregional
Congress, but I have been to Eathaven and they don't seem that way inclined.


>Am interested in finding out more about this.  Unfortunately, when I  went
>the URL given ( http://www.bioregionalcongress.com/ ) ~>
>the page states:
>"ConsumeMyGenitals.Com is currently under construction.
>Please try back soon."
>f.d. crow
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