[permaculture] Red Rock, TX - Business Opportunity

Forest Garden forestgarden at austin.rr.com
Sat May 7 17:43:12 EDT 2005

Hello Everyone,

If you are seeking a new profession in an agricultural setting doing
meaningful work - wihile making a decent living, here is an opportunity.
The Red Rock area is in serious need of a good realtor.  I have many, many
requests from folks who want to buy land out here, and I just havn't been
able to find a good realtor.  Red Rock is quickly becoming an area known for
its focus on sustainability.  We have lots of organic gardeners and farmers,
an active homeschooling community, regular community meetings on
permaculture topics, and we are working on implementing a farm-to-school
program where our local growers supply the local school with produce.  Red
Rock has the best soil in Central Texas.  And best of all, land prices are
still reasonable.

We want more farmers and permaculture neighbors here - and we need someone
to help the newcomers find thier place.

Red Rock is about 35 miles SE of Austin - and along the least travelled road
tofrom the city.

I would be gald to help you get started.  And refer leads of course!
Getting a realtors license is fairly easy and low cost.  You must be a self
motivated kind of person, and willing to get to know the community and help
develop it into a network of interdependant farmers and craftsmen.

Blessings and Laughter,

Marjory Glowka
forestgarden at austin.rr.com

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