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Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 21 10:42:44 EDT 2005

I noticed that the holmgren.com.au site does not have his appearence at 
Earthaven on it. Can you add it?

Special Seminar Event at Earthaven Ecovillage Sat, July 30th, 2005 (9-5)

David Holmgren on  
Permaculture: A Response to Peak Oil & Energy Descent

PO Box 1209, Black Mountain, NC 28711
Sliding Scale $120 - $70 ($30 deposit required)
Contact: seminar at permacultureactivist.net


holmgren at netconnect.com.au wrote:

> Holmgren Design Services Website Update http://www.holmgren.com.au/
> We have just completed a major update of our website including info 
> about the following
> Itinerary for 5 month overseas teaching and public speaking tour to 
> Japan, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, Germany and the 
> USA. http://www.holmgren.com.au/html/AppearEvents/appearances.html
> Melliodora eBook (pdf and html on CD ROM)  which updates the now 10 
> year old A3 sized book documenting our 1 hectare permaculture 
> demonstration site and family home in central Victoria.  Free 
> downloadable demo version
> http://www.holmgren.com.au/html/Publications/ebookpromo.htm
> Permaculture Principles Teaching Kit based on the very successful 
> Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability in its 2nd 
> print run) 
> http://www.holmgren.com.au/html/Publications/pub.html#PCPrinsteachingkit
> DVDs of David's presentations at Woodford Folk Festival 
> http://www.holmgren.com.au/html/Publications/pub.html#dvd
> New downloadable articles and photos about David and Su's teaching 
> tour of Japan in June 2004, Firewood as sustainable fuel, Compost 
> toilets and more. 
> http://www.holmgren.com.au/html/Writings/Writings.html#PCinJ
> New downloadable presentation of Global Energy Peak: Threat or 
> Opportunity http://www.holmgren.com.au/html/Writings/Writings.html
> Check out the growing interest and influence of David Holmgren's work 
> and permaculture in general.  Send us your thoughts and comments.
>  Oliver Holmgren: Web and IT

Keith Johnson
Permaculture Activist Magazine
PO Box 1209
Black Mountain, NC 28711

also Patterns for Abundance Design & Consulting
Culture's Edge at Earthaven Ecovillage

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