[permaculture] applying one-straw principles

Stephanie Gerson sgerson at stanfordalumni.org
Wed Jun 15 14:47:51 EDT 2005

hello folks,

I'd like to experiment with Fukuoka's one-straw principles in my garden 
in Berkeley, California - and was wondering if anyone had any 
suggestions.  I have spring crops bolting (unpicked radishes and turnips, 
lettuce, chard, mustard, and other greens) and wanted to simply toss some 
seeds in and then cut the bolting crops down as live mulch.  Would this 
work?  I Love gardening, but I'd like to try doing as little work as 
possible with the annuals I'm growing (at least, not tilling).  Any 


Stephanie Gerson
sgerson at stanfordalumni.org
(c) 415.871.5683


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