[permaculture] waterproofing yurt canvas

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Jul 31 22:25:34 EDT 2005

Oswaldo wrote:

> Hi everyone, i have read with great attention what had been said about waterproofing canvas using natural products (oil, beeswax and pine sap). 
> I am currently experimenting with this recipe too on a heavy flax canvas. I wanted to hear from people (and especially Yaya since she started 
> the topic) who tried the recipe to get some feedback. How did it work? How can you make sure it will stand the sun and not melt 
> (as i saw it happen)?   Which are the proportions that you used? thanks, oswaldo

The Mix:

pine sap
paraffin (canning wax) - maybe if beeswax is in short supply (sometimes
          beekeepers sell big castings of beeswax cheap)
linseed oil
rendered animal fat (maybe, if available)

heat together in pot or double boiler

make this mix so that when it sets up it will be very tacky at any 
smear it on the canvas them put it in the sun (or use a hair dryer to) 
to melt and permeate the entire sheet of cloth - do this procedure until 
all of the the tarp is covered and well saturated

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