[permaculture] Falcon pest control....

Will Carey cure at rtinet.com
Thu Jul 28 15:15:13 EDT 2005


Interesting article.....

> "They see this falcon in attack mode, diving repeatedly," said Seibert, who is
> turning his 25-year love of birds of prey into a side business serving the
> needs of agriculture. "In a sense, what we're using is a scare tactic to drive
> them out of the area, as opposed to trapping or poisoning or shooting."
> Those are some of the techniques the tree-fruit industry has used over the
> years to rid the orchards of nuisance birds, which some observers say pose a
> growing problem.
> Mark Roy, an owner of the Roy Farms cherry orchard where Seibert was working,
> said he's tried encouraging red-tailed hawks to frequent his orchards by
> putting up nesting boxes and roosting perches.



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