[permaculture] Ithaca, NY

Darcy Higgins dphiggin at fes.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jul 27 13:25:39 EDT 2005

Hello folks,

I'm an environmental studies student/Green Party organizer from Southern 
Ontario, and I'm planning to come by Ithaca on the way to Eastern NY on August 
I am interested in sustainable/urban agriculture, permaculture, alternative 
energies, urban ecology/forests, etc. so I'd be interested in knowing what 
there is in the area that I could visit, along with any natural areas.
I'm aware of the ecovillage and maybe I could do a tour.  I know the area is a 
hotbed for environmental projects.
Perhaps anyone from the area could email me and let me know what to check out
dphiggin at fes.uwaterloo.ca


Darcy Higgins

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