[permaculture] Food space from a permaculture standpoint

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Thu Jul 21 10:03:29 EDT 2005


	The numbers which I've seen seem to take into the account
that any imported inputs are 'taking up land' too, and suggest that a
quarter of an acre per person should be sufficient for a strict
vegetarian (vegan) diet.  

	Redefining Progress quote 0.8 hectares per ton for crop-based 
diets and 2.1 hectares for animal-derived food (but I can't find
their source, and a 'ton' is an imperial measurement, so I'm not
sure if they actually mean (metric) tonne!)


	Through their Ecological Footprint Analysis, Redefining Progress
estimate that:

"When the total amount of ecologically productive land area included
in EFA is divided by the human population, there are about 4.5 acres
(1.89 hectares) available for each person."



	Amanda in the UK

treaclemine at intranet.org


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