[permaculture] Food space from a permaculture standpoint

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Thu Jul 21 09:57:22 EDT 2005

I'd like to ask if anyone has thoughts on the amount of
land needed to feed one person.  It's more efficient and interesting to grow
for multiple people as you can increase variety, so I guess really I am
asking about land per person.  The most data I know of so far is from people
working with John Jeavons who wrote How to Grow More Vegetables Than You
Ever Thought Possible on Less Land than You can Imagine, 6th ed.  David
Duhon, who wrote One Circle: How to Grow a Complete Diet in Less than 1000
square feet has a variety of plans under 2000 square feet including one
under a 1000.  His are designed for an eight month growing season and foods
that grow well in the PNW of the US.  The other person I know of who did a
detailed experiment is Albie Miles.  He did his in northern California in
Santa Cruz in the US.  These are biointensive beds rather than permaculture

What amount of land (actual growing
space and paths if you've got it separated out) does it look as though it
will take to feed a person in your area and growing season?

Has anyone come across information on the number of 10 rod(about 30x 92
feet) allotments/ community garden plots
recommended to feed a family(how many in a family?)  in the 1940s and
suggestions for what to put on each allotment?  I've got the link for 10 rod
vegetable plot plan that they came up with then.

gordonse at one.net

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