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the easiest way forward would be to establish the sustainability of your countries lifestyle [that information as to be received from the prime ministers/president/dictator/whatever, by writing to them, stress you need their sources of information] and then you can compare your claims and sources with the establishment,
i'm goin through this process in australia, i recently wrote to the prime minister and peter garret m.p. [former singer with midnight oil] how can you expect people to work in an unsustainable society and culture, and what are your sources of information, if you are interested i'll let you know of the result

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> Hi all,
> I am doing some research for a department at Arizona State University
> and we are looking for...
> Any data, studies, comparisons on the cost difference between
> building a sustainable house and building a conventional build house.
> Does anybody know of anything?
> Thanks in advance for any information you may have for me.
> Greg Peterson
> The Urban Farm
> In VERY Hot Phoenix Arizona
> -- 


Have you contacted Sim Van Der Ryn? His firm seems to be the leader in
Green Building.... 

When I met Sim some 10 years back, he led me to understand that his firm was
set up as an NPO.. which allows him to be more selective about projects....
But also might mandate more "educational" work like research topics such as
yours, so....

If they don't have that kind of study on hand, maybe they'd be open to
collaboration about doing some research with you and ASU. Also, is Paolo
Soleri still with ASU? Maybe he's got research like that... Although his
research has always tended toward the effects of passive solar, rather than
the use of green materials.


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