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> Subject: [ediblecontainergardens] Acreage for sale next to our 
> Self-Reliant Farm
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> Acreage for sale next to our Self-Reliant  Farm
>  Our Farm is a Sustainable Technologies Educational Center which has  
> taught
>  food & energy self-reliance skills since 1990. We're long time  
> students of
>  Helen & Scott Nearing and have lived and evolved applications of  
> their examples
>  since the 70's.
>  Our goal is to form a Cooperative  Community to share our lifestyle 
> and the
>  growing, processing and storage of our  mutual year around food 
> supply, and for
>  the further development of our  educational services to help others 
> achieve
>  the same.
>  To a couple,  family or small group who seek intentional community we 
> offer
>  to sell 8 acres of  undeveloped land bordering our own 8 acres. This 
> land has a
>  year around stream  running through it and its own deed. Those 
> purchasing
>  this land must have the  resources and abilities to build upon it on 
> their own.
>  Open to those without the  resources to purchase is space on our land 
> to build
>  low-cost shelters. 
>  For cottages industry there are opportunities to develop and teach  
> classes
>  related to our educational center. We've also established  
> infrastructures for
>  CSA and produce stand sales and have an opening for an  experience 
> organic
>  grower. We also need people with building trade skills. 
>  Land borders county maintained gravel road w/power & phone hookups.  
> Road
>  dead ends 1/2 mile up road into forests w/hiking, X-country skiing &  
> recreation).
>  Area: 16 acres (6.5 hectares) (8 acres for sale is  undeveloped with 
> a year
>  around stream, pure water from mountain). Land Owned By:  Individual 
> community
>  member(s) (Covenants--Right of First Refusal--No wholesale  
> harvesting of
>  timber--No illegal drugs).
>  Government
>  Decision Making:  By consensus (Consensus decisions are made on 
> community
>  projects orientated upon  food and energy self-reliance and the 
> running of the
>  educational center).  Identified Leader: No  Leadership Core Group: No
>  Labor and  Money
>  Financial Style: Members have independent finances. Labor 
> Contribution: 
>  Expected(During food growing and processing season 16 hours per week 
> per person 
>  for food self-reliance. If not possible one may pay another to meet 
> weekly 
>  quotas). Join Fee: Yes(Joining fee is purchasing land bordering our 
> own, or 
>  those without the resources to purchase may exchange labor on lease 
> of their 
>  site).
>  Regular Fees: Yes(Fees/labor exchange to develop and maintain food 
> and 
>  energy self-reliant systems).
>  Food, etc.
>  Percentage of Food Grown: We  grow, process and store 80% of our year 
> around
>  vegetarian diet-Can do 100% in  community). Share Community Meals: 1 
> time/week
>  (Shared meals are voluntary and  planned when convenient).
>  Dietary Choice or Restrictions: Diet is up to each  individual
>  Dietary Practice: Primarily vegetarian (We raise no animals for  
> meat, one
>  may on own land).
>  Alcohol Use: Seldom used (We don't drink, smoke  or use drugs).
>  Shared Spiritual Path: No(We nurture expansive  perspectives on the 
> nature of
>  reality).
>  Which Spiritual Path(s): Eclectic  (integrates pieces from many 
> religions).
>  (Co-creation is welcomed of collective  rituals and spiritual meaning 
> which
>  nurtures our interconnecting  glue).
>  Educational Style(s): Public schooled (One may home school, legal in  
> our
>  state. Or school bus stops on road bordering land, good school 
> system. Other 
>  children in neighborhood).
>  Visitor Process: There is much we'll all need  to learn about one 
> another and
>  make clear on our compatibilities on goals and  other factors before
>  arranging a visit. We seek people whose response to our  community 
> goal is a strong
>  and clear YES! We need to be inspired by knowing you  are inspired.  
> Please
>  share with us your bios and aspirations.  Hope  to hear from you.
>  Best Wishes, Daniel & Patti
>  PS  Please  view photos of our farm at:  <http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?
>  c=7367si3.yj7f1or&x=0&y=xa8jr0> 
>  Or try:  _http://tinyurl.com/cpmvz_ (http://tinyurl.com/cpmvz) 

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