[permaculture] How to keep molds etc. out of the air? (PC meets MCS)

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Hey y'all. Please reply to     judyeda at ecovillage.ithaca.ny.us      if 
you have some suggestions to solve her dilemma. The only solution I 
thought of was to insure that the homes of the folks in question receive 
an extremely well-filtered air supply. For the outdoors, a mask that 
would filter out mold spores may exist but I haven't heard of one. Aside 
from air filtration, I'd try detox of heavy metals, multi-gram doses of 
vit C, and maybe homeopathic doses of the allergens responsible. A quick 
search brought up a page that offers help for the causes of the 
condition at    http://www.thiscureworks.com/allergies/index.html  also 
another at
good luck,

Judy Eda wrote:

> I am writing every permaculture teacher / designer whose name and 
> writings I know, seeking answers or at  least better insight  into a 
> question that has recently stymied our young ecovillage neighborhood:
>     How can we build soil and grow food (our site has compacted, 
> stressed soils from past longtime farming; rocky clay used to be 
> hayfields)
>     . . . while at the same time keeping molds and other soil 
> organisms out of the air?
> The "clean air" requirement is necessary to protect the health and 
> well-being of  three residents who have severe Multiple Chemical 
> Sensitivity (MCS). One of them also has Lupus, which has been badly 
> aggravated by molds coming from piles of straw, airborne soil 
> particles stirred up during digging of beds, gases and molds released 
> when we turn our compost piles, and so forth.
> Every soil-building technique we know (composting, mulching -- what 
> else?) seems to have this drawback.  I've researched Emilia Hazelip's 
> methods in particular but still worry that molds growing on the 
> mulching materials will contaminate the air too much.
> Suggestions? observations? We have yet to discover the opportunity 
> hidden in this apparent logjam.
> Many thanks for reading this.
> -- Judy Eda
> SONG neighborhood, EcoVillage at Ithaca, New York

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