[permaculture] the methods of jean pain

Jerome Rigot rigot.3 at osu.edu
Tue Jul 5 09:10:03 EDT 2005

Hi Roger,

There is a web site, French, but with an English version 
http://www.jean-pain.com/index_ang.htm. Once there, click on the left the 
link "the Methods of Jean Pain". There you can buy the book in English by 
clicking the "Acheter maintenant" button (which mean buy now).

It is a terrible web site, but at least the book is available now. You can 
also buy various chippers/shredders that were an outcome of Jean Pain's 

Good luck.


At 10:11 PM 7/2/2005, you wrote:
>fellow list members,
>  i have been searching for an english version of" the methods of jean 
> pain" and
>any other sources of info on his composting and methane techniques. most 
>of what
>i have found is in french and unfortunately i can neither speak or read 
>i would be most grateful if someone could assist me in my search. thank 
>you in advance for any help you can provide.
>             kindest regards, roger (r.p.kurz at att.net)
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