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antonr at webmail.co.za wrote:

>I'm new to the whole permaculture thing and I'd like some
>information about incorporating aquaculture into a
>permaculture setup.
>I live in South Africa so the obvious choice would be
>tilapia (Mozambican is indigineous in this area) or african
>catfish (we call them Babers). The area here is Natal
>Highlands (Hot summers, cold winters with occasional frost
>and summer rainfall)
>I've been trying to get some info from the net but there is
>very little I could find about private production. What I
>would like to know is:
>1. How many can I grow per square metre?
>2. What would be the best setup (Pond/container/etc.)?
>3. What must/can I feed them?
>Feel free to add anything else I might need to know.
>antonr at webmail.co.za
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