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Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
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On 19/8/05 10:39 AM, "Arina Pittman" <arina at ecoversity.org> wrote:

> I assumed it was part of pc ethics, that teacher waives his/her fee.... the
> rest of cost must be still paid for (food, lodging, advertisement, handouts,
> etc).  

Yes, and in exchange the refresher participant would assist the teacher,
provide student support and contribute to the course as a resource person.
Well, that was what was discussed at the early convergences and offered by
Bill and many other PDC teachers back in the 1980-90's. It was always
regarded as a voluntary tradition and important for encouraging & training
up new teachers and designers. It's amazing how much more one learns second
time round and every teacher offers new information and insights.

I have always, and continue to offer a refresher discount for PDC's based on
this agreement. I discount my portion of the tuition cost but charge for
guest tutors along with sundry course costs.

I've had surprisingly few people apply to do a refresher course over the
years, and those who have done one have found it incredibly worth while.


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