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My experiences parallel Graham's, Toby's, and others. When Peter Bane 
and I find someone we recognize to have teacher potential, we may at our 
discretion offer an opportunity to review the PDC or even deliver / 
present a section or two (using our teaching notes and charts) and offer 
feedback and guidance in return. We have never suggested it as a 
"right". Usually SOME money for food and lodging is requested (or 
offered before we request it). We have also bartered for support 
services for the course, for example cooking, audio/ visual, gofer, work 
exchange, etc.

Potential North American diplomates are of special interest to us as we 
continue to interweave our connections with the European Academy and 
Gaia University. Stay tuned for further developments.


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Graham wrote:

>Some teachers/organisers may well offer 'free' places to PDC graduates 
>on their courses, indeed I've offered places myself to folks who are 
>working towards their permaculture diplomas so that they can 'sit in' on 
>Design & Introductory courses, particulrly those who have been thinking 
>about running courses themselves and want to get a 'feel' for how to do 
>it. Interestingly, those who have taken up the offer have insisted on 
>making a contribution, even though I've said they weren't expected to. 
>They've helped out with cooking and other logistics, as well as making a 
>financial contribution. In one case I've been promised some bottles of 
>wine as soon as they produce some!
>But that is down to my discretion and the fact that I felt able to offer 
>this. This is completely different from telling my students that it is 
>their 'right' to attend future PC courses 'free of charge' if they feel 
>so inclined. There has never been any agreement that this is the case 
>that I have heard of.
>Cheers Graham
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