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Selwyn Polit selwyn at austintx.com
Fri Aug 19 23:56:47 EDT 2005

that phenomenon seems to be around here in Texas.  We are working to 
remove that by offering discounts to past students.  We have tried 
50% discounts and that has worked quite well.  We also offer 
discounts to people bringing family members.

Selwyn Polit
Austin, Texas USA

At 8/18/2005:05:18 PM -0600, Arina Pittman wrote:
>Greetings, Permies
>I recently heard from a grapevine, about an agreement in the permaculture
>community, under which students with prior certification can take
>"refresher" permaculture certificate courses free of charge anywhere in the
>world. Some people, I hear, use this rule differently, and offer only a
>price reduction (i.e. instructor agrees to waive his/her fees, but there is
>still a fee for attending). Some people have not heard about it.
>My question for anyone on this list
>- have you heard about this arrangement from a permaculture instructor
>- are you a permaculture instructor, who respects and follows this rule
>(i.e. teaches for free)
>- are you a repeat student, who has had a chance to benefit from this rule
>and take repeat courses free of charge, at a reduced price.
>I would appreciate any feedback about this arrangement.
>Arina M. Pittman
>Managing Director

Selwyn Polit
<mailto:selwyn at austintx.com>selwyn at austintx.com

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