[permaculture] "Free" Permacuture

Graham grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Aug 19 12:03:18 EDT 2005

Arina Pittman wrote:

>Thanks for your reply Graham - please forward to the UK folks. I vaguely
>remember hearing about it at my class, back in 1995 (?) with Bill Mollison
>and Scott Pittman. But, then - my command of English was somewhat weak at
>that time - so I am not sure if I heard it right. 
>I assumed it was part of pc ethics, that teacher waives his/her fee.... the
>rest of cost must be still paid for (food, lodging, advertisement, handouts,
>etc). The idea sounds consistent with the ethics - if the class is full, why
>not allow someone to sit on, pay for ALL other expenses and refresh the
>memory. The third ethic - share of surplus. 
>The main question is: is this rule upheld by the pc community at large or on
>a voluntary basis? Is it or is it not part of the conduct in pc world?
Some teachers/organisers may well offer 'free' places to PDC graduates 
on their courses, indeed I've offered places myself to folks who are 
working towards their permaculture diplomas so that they can 'sit in' on 
Design & Introductory courses, particulrly those who have been thinking 
about running courses themselves and want to get a 'feel' for how to do 
it. Interestingly, those who have taken up the offer have insisted on 
making a contribution, even though I've said they weren't expected to. 
They've helped out with cooking and other logistics, as well as making a 
financial contribution. In one case I've been promised some bottles of 
wine as soon as they produce some!

But that is down to my discretion and the fact that I felt able to offer 
this. This is completely different from telling my students that it is 
their 'right' to attend future PC courses 'free of charge' if they feel 
so inclined. There has never been any agreement that this is the case 
that I have heard of.

Cheers Graham

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