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G'day Arina,
I trust that this greets you and all well.

I can recall back when I did my first PDC in Australia in the early 1990's
that this was an "unwritten rule" with the expectation that you would help
out with the course not just in a tutorial capacity but also with catering
etc. On course's I've attended since this hasn't been the case - I certainly
have not received a discount (apart from for early bird payment) for the
upcoming Bill Mollison/Geoff Lawton PDC in Melbourne in September 2005. 

I think there is definitely merit for the idea with a "community" course
(like the PDC we hold in Bendigo each year with David Holmgren and myself as
the main teachers and an excellent assortment of regional practitioners
doing the rest) provided of course that people don't just treat it like a
junket, which is presumably the risk. So people would have to earn their
keep otherwise they will be an economic burden to the course apart from
anything else.  

Incidentally I returned back to my original course as a teacher in July this
year and I seem to recall talking to the convenor (John Champagne) about
this and we concluded that its better to just pay people for their teaching
work or cooking etc. At the end of the day you have some accountability and
its clear that way (cos its money), whereas with quasi-volunteerianism, as
warm and fuzzy as it all is, you don't have quite the same cross value
feedback mechanisms.

By the way looked thru your latest offerings at your institution and you
have some great stuff coming up. Good luck and I hope you get lots of bum's
on seats, paying one's that is.


Yours and Growing,

Darren J. Doherty
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