[permaculture] "Free" Permacuture

Graham grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 19:24:14 EDT 2005

Arina Pittman wrote:

>Greetings, Permies
>I recently heard from a grapevine, about an agreement in the permaculture
>community, under which students with prior certification can take
>"refresher" permaculture certificate courses free of charge anywhere in the

News to me and I would guess the rest of the UK permaculture teaching 
community. I would guess some sort of renumeration scheme has been 
agreed for teachurz by the person who has offered these sort of guarantees?

>Some people, I hear, use this rule differently, and offer only a
>price reduction (i.e. instructor agrees to waive his/her fees, but there is
>still a fee for attending). 

'I hear' could do with being backed up with some references

>Some people have not heard about it.

Me Neither...

My question for anyone on this list

>- have you heard about this arrangement from a permaculture instructor

Nope. I wrestle with words like 'teacher' and 'instructor', but I 
suspect this is a seperate issue...

>- are you a permaculture instructor, who respects and follows this rule
>(i.e. teaches for free)

No I expect renumeration somewhere somehow. Nothing is 'free'. There is 
always a price, whether its time, money, energy, respect or subliminal 
resentment (more on this as this thread ineviatbly unfolds...)

>- are you a repeat student, who has had a chance to benefit from this rule
>and take repeat courses free of charge, at a reduced price.
Hope you don't mind but I've forwarded to the UK Permaculture Assoc + UK 
Teachurz discussion list

Cheers Graham www.spiralseed.co.uk

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