[permaculture] Lions and elephants on the Great Plains?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Aug 18 19:00:18 EDT 2005

Ben Martin Horst wrote:

> Buffalo Commons first; playing with elephants can and should wait.

That's great! Buffaalo Commons could become a new code word for the 
revitalization of Rural America and, of course, of suburban, wild and 
urban areas indirectly impacted by such an effort.

The concept of various species naturally causing holes in ecosystems is 
interesting. On a scale more manageable and less invasive than with 
herds of sabre-toothed tigers and mastodons, tolerance for and possibly 
encouraging this to happen within ecosystems, holes fillable by natural 
selection and succession, or by Man, might be a good thing as increased 
diversity and randomness might eventually result, as if they were giant 
edge zones, though not necessarily readily apparent as such.

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