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darren at permaculture.biz darren at permaculture.biz
Tue Aug 16 20:21:27 EDT 2005

G'day Denise,

Just wanted to make it clear that I (and I could probably speak for Scott
too) was just making some light attempt at humour. As my wife says to me all
the time though, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit". 

By the same token Len seems pretty clear about his thoughts regarding the
PDC "as an ego trip" and I can't see any dilution of his Non NVC comments
about this or my and other's chosen career. Perhaps he had a negative
experience (s) that led him to these conclusions. Anyway its water of a
duck's back to me, and Scott, I am sure is not loosing any sleep either.

That said our movement needs more criticism from within and without to
strengthen both our resolve and our market position, even if they are
invalidated shots from afar.

After reading thru Len's website, I discovered that Len, like myself, was
fortunate to have grown up in rural Australia, where by default you get a
kit bag of skills that naturally equip you for this permaculture gig. For
most of my clients its been at least 3 generations or more of city living so
they (nor familial) simply don't have the knowledge, confidence or
wherewithal to embark on the diagnosis, design nor development or management
of a rural holding. 

Otherwise good on him for having a crack (his essay makes some good points
especially about ripping), also for taking the time to developing his
website, for building his "low energy" passive solar steel house, for
growing veggies & herbs and for planting 500 trees on his 69ha. 

Perhaps now this permaculture commentariat can move back to discussing the
values of feedback from physical activity rather than semantics,
counter-review and poor attempts at humour, things I always tell myself I
should stay away from. 



I can understand bristling at certain sections of
Len's essay, I did that, too.

But if you read the statement in its original context
(which I have quoted below), I do not think that he
was disparaging you.  It seems to me that he was
saying that permaculture is a way of life any person
can arrive at IF and WHEN they make a concious
decision to live within the limits incidated to us by
Nature.  (I have attempted here to say what I think he
was trying to say in and NVC --non-violent
communication-- way.  I think you were bristling at
his using words that were easily interpretable as put

Making a career teaching permaculture seems perfectly
compatible with the mindset he was talking about.

Hopes this helps,


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