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I can understand bristling at certain sections of
Len's essay, I did that, too.

But if you read the statement in its original context
(which I have quoted below), I do not think that he
was disparaging you.  It seems to me that he was
saying that permaculture is a way of life any person
can arrive at IF and WHEN they make a concious
decision to live within the limits incidated to us by
Nature.  (I have attempted here to say what I think he
was trying to say in and NVC --non-violent
communication-- way.  I think you were bristling at
his using words that were easily interpretable as put

Making a career teaching permaculture seems perfectly
compatible with the mindset he was talking about.

Hopes this helps,


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> >G'day to you all,
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> >I trust that this greets you and all well.
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> >Just to add to the inevitable dissemination of
> Len's PC essay with specific
> >reference to the point:
> >
> >"...Permaculture IS NOT a career path...."
> >
> >Well sorry since reading this I have been wondering
> what I have been doing
> >with my life for the last 15 years and what I am
> going to do with the rest
> >of it...Does this mean I should give up the dream
> job and go back to being a
> >farmer and chef? 
> >
> > 
> >Cheers,
> >
> >Yours and Growing,
> >
> >Darren J. Doherty
> >
> >  
> >
> I have to second that emotion, 20 years of pc as a
> profession down the 
> tubes, since I didn't realize that it wasn't a
> profession - oh well!  
> Old dog, needs new tricks I guess.
> Scott Pittman
> Permaculture Institute
> Environmental Design Concepts, Inc.
> Core Faculty - EcoVersity
Permaculture is a "mind set", it is not about man made
design, design 
courses, diplomas, degrees or even school curriculum.
Permaculture IS 
NOT a career path, permaculture is a path to improving
how we look 
the only planet we have to live on.

[[section of the original article refered to by the
above e-mails]

Len's thoughts, Permaculture is not a religion, it is
not a philosophy 
as such, it is nothing that can be limited or
limiting. Permaculture 
occurs when someone anyone is of the opinion that we
can no longer keep 
pillaging and wrecking this planets resources. It is
when that thought 
pattern occurs that people then look for something to
highlite what it 
is they can do to change their habits.

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