[permaculture] CNN.com - Design for learning - Aug 12, 2005

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Aug 14 18:31:28 EDT 2005


Design for learning
Today's educational facilities -- not your parents' schools anymore

By Lisa Porterfield
Friday, August 12, 2005; Posted: 4:15 p.m. EDT (20:15 GMT)


""We've grown up in a consumer-oriented, choice-oriented society," 
Colburn said. "And this millennial generation that's coming up -- 
they're used to choices, they're used to being able to make decisions, 
and we have to give them more freedom in a structured way."

In such an environment, students can set their own agendas with teachers 
who act as advisers. Some teachers focus on collaborative projects that 
link to the real world, such as building a community garden.

In response to these trends, designers are replacing traditional 
classrooms with "studios" that contain storage areas for long-term 
projects and spaces for individual, small-group and large-group work."


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