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Kaia Bronte kaiabronte at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 23:14:51 EDT 2005

Aprovecho is seeking to fill positions on the sustainable living campus.
Please forward this to anyone who might be interested. The deadline is this
Friday 12 August 2005.


Berkano, "the permy"
Aprovecho Research Center
(541) 942-8198
KaiaBronte at gmail.com

Aprovecho Research Center has part-time (20 hours/week) openings in three

Maintenance Coordinator
Responsible for campus maintenance: plumbing, electrical, structural and
miscellaneous maintenance tasks. Must have appropriate skills and be
ecologically conscious in carrying out duties.

Garden Co-Coordinator
Responsible for assisting in all organic garden-related tasks: planting,
watering, weeding, planning, mulching, directing volunteers, cooperating
with Garden Coordinator to efficiently carry out tasks. Must have
appropriate skills and use organic methods.

Intern Coordinator
Responsible for recruiting interns and caring for their needs on-site
(including creating a rich experience), advertising, communicating with
schools and other organizations, tabling at conventions and events, and
actively seeking venues to publicize the Aprovecho Internship Program. Must
have amazing people skills, effective and sharp communication skills. Must
be organized and motivated. Must have skills in group facilitation, conflict
resolution, and enforcing policies.

All applicants should be willing to help in the development of the
permaculture landscape and program, and to eventually complete certification
training in permaculture design. All applicants should also be willing to
assist in day-to-day farm and campus chores.

Opportunities to teach are open to qualified individuals.

Application instructions follow a short description of Aprovecho (below).

Aprovecho is a not-for-profit research community south of Eugene, Oregon.
Aprovecho is located on a forty-acre ecoforestry land trust surrounded by
logging forests and BLM land. There are lots of trails and backroads for
hiking and biking.

The community is devoted to sustainability, consensus decision-making, and
community building. We sustainably harvest timber for building on campus.
Aprovecho is known for its world-famous appropriate technology and
wood-stove research program and the ten-week intensive sustainable living
skills internship program. We are constantly seeking to improve our
permacultural land use.

We maintain a two-acre organic garden and a small campus for the internship
program. We keep thirteen goats, flocks of ducks and chickens, and four
cats. Our permaculture design plans include greywater, catchment, forest
gardening, and local food security, among other things.

If you are interested in applying for any of the staff openings, please
submit a proposal immediately according to the instructions given below. The
deadline for proposals is Friday 12 August 2005. Applicants must be willing
to come to a staff meeting at 1:30 pm to 5 pm on Monday 15 August 2005 for
an interview if asked.

*Proposal Instructions*

In a separate hard copy letter or email message, please indicate the

1. Your name and age
2. Your address/location
3. Your telephone number
4. Your email address
5. What work would you like to be involved in at Aprovecho [which position]?
6. An explanation of why you desire the position
7. How long of a commitment you wish to make
8. Areas of interest, related experience, and study
9. Any other information or comments you consider relevant (personal
history, hobbies, needs, etc.)
10. Names and telephone numbers of two professional references
11. Names and telephone numbers of two character references

Send the proposal via email to KaiaBronte at gmail.com and type the phrase,
"Staff Position Proposal" in the subject line.

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