[permaculture] question for Larry London

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Aug 9 21:47:30 EDT 2005

Arina Pittman wrote:

> Arina M. Pittman
> EcoVersity
> Managing Director
> 505-424-9797
> www.ecoversity.org
> Greetings Larry, 
> Arina is here, Scott Pittman's wife, with a question for you. 
> First of all, thanks so much for hosting our permaculture website with the
> ibiblio for all this time, free of charge. People are finding it, and using
> it as a reference, even though it has not been updated in ages (something I
> am working on...).

> I am writing today to see if ibiblio is interested in offering free or
> reduced cost hosting for another website, for the organization I direct
> (www.ecoversity.org). At the moment, it is a simple website, but in the near

.org's and .net's are ibiblio-hostable but not .com's. No point of sale 
transactions - best to keep it non-commercial with discreet advertising 
only. This should not be a hindrance for an EcoVersity website.

> future we hope to get a grant to use a content management database to list
> our classes and events with more flexibility. I don't know if you can still
> offer this service (EcoVersity is a non-profit), and whether your server can
> handle the data base. Please let me know and feel free to check on
> EcoVersity with Scott. 
> Best
> Arina

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