[permaculture] The Quest for Nutrient-Dense Food

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Aug 6 18:44:31 EDT 2005

John Gamble wrote:
> Lawrence:
> Can this method be done with "no til" such as 

That's a really good question, John. Yes, is the answer, _if_
your soil is already in proper condition. I suggest surface spreading
with no tillage except* (see below) rock dusts by the tons per acre
before notill drilling/planting.
* (this qualifies as a notill method) use a Yeomans plow system
to prepare existing fields, already in pasture, weeds, or bare>
This implement will slice through the soil and break up sub layers
without disturbing existing pasture. This is basic to achieving good 
tilth, water holding capacity and nutrient conservation and usage.

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