[permaculture] The Quest for Nutrient-Dense Food

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The Quest for Nutrient-Dense Food
High-Brix Farming and Gardening

An Interview with Rex Harrill by Suze Fisher

Rex Harrill of Keedysville, Maryland has been farming and gardening for 
the better part of thirty years. Seventeen years ago he moved to a 
16-acre farm and started a new garden.

In the first few years his crops were tasteless and ridden with spittle 
bugs, caterpillars and several other garden pests. Yet his previous 
garden had produced delicious, pest-resistant crops, although he didn’t 
know why at the time. Only later did he realize he’d inherited a garden 
with exceptional soil fertility at his previous farm. But after two 
years of bitter turnips, radishes and other crops from his new garden, 
Rex set out to find answers. That’s when he came across a book called 
The Anatomy of Life & Energy in Agriculture by Dr. Arden Andersen. He’d 
finally found what he’d been seeking—a program that developed fertile 
soil which in turn produced delicious nutrient-dense crops that were 
resistant to pests, weeds and disease, year after year. Rex also learned 
from Dr. Andersen that the brix level of the crop correlated with its 
nutrient-density—that brix was a valuable measurement in determining the 
nutritional value of the crop. Ever since then, Rex has followed a 
high-brix gardening approach, strongly influenced by the works of Dr. 
Andersen along with those of Dr. William Albrecht, Dr. Carey Reams and 
Dr. Dan Skow.


This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the 
Healing Arts, the quarterly magazine of the Weston A. Price Foundation, 
WINTER 2004.

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