[permaculture] Internet Lecture by Masanobu Fukuoka

Lora Boge loraboge at phreego.com
Thu Aug 4 02:24:52 EDT 2005


Last Minute but is there an English version of the www.expoweb.tv page? All
I'm getting is Japanese text and when I click on the only thing in English
"36kps" it says server not responding...

Is he speaking in Japanese anyway? Does anyone know if they will be posting
an English translation of his remarks later?

For the English speakers who want to look at the World Expo 2005 website go
to this link:


There's some pretty cool stuff listed there!


souscayrous wrote:

> Hello everyone, through good fortune an address by Fukuoka-san will be
> broadcast via Internet from the World Expo, Aichi, Japan, Thursday 4th
> August (details below).
> Good luck to you all in your natural farming endeavours.
> Jamie
> Souscayrous
> Lecture by Masanobu Fukuoka and the Internet Live Broadcasting
> Date & Time: August 4th, 15:00-16:00JST(Japan does not use summer time
> system)
> Place: World Exposition 2005 Aichi, (location within the expo site: Seto
> Area)
> World Expo Website: http://www.expo2005.or.jp/    (multi lingual)
> Internet Live Show of the lecture at:
> http://www.expoweb.tv/
> (live broadcasting may be cancelled)
> Project webiste: http://www.expo-people.jp/projectlog/index.php
> (Japanese page only)
> photograph: http://www.expo-people.jp/home.php
> ( scroll down the page and find his photo at 8/4 )
> Organizers: World Expo Civic Project
> http://www.expo-people.jp/en/index.html
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