[permaculture] Kerrmaculture III Announcement

Scott Dubois spacehound7 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 10:46:31 EDT 2005


  What and Where:  A 72-hour intensive Permaculture
Certification Course to be held at Quiet Valley Ranch,
home of the Kerrville Folk Festival in the heart of
the Texas Hill Country. 
  Who:  The organizers of the course, Ted Norris,
Kirby Fry, Rick Wright, and, in memorium, Tom Smith,
again asked Scott Pittman to be the primary teacher in
next course of a Kerrmaculture Series.  Long
with Permaculture in the Southwestern United States
with Bill Mollison's world travels, consultations, and
teachings, Scott is considered the premier expert on
drylands Permaculture on this planet. 
  He will be joined by several well-known local
Permaculture designers, instructors and consultants.

  When:  October 22nd - November 4th
  What Else:  The course is intended to finalize a
master plan for the Ranch, addressing edible
green building, erosion control, water catchment and
management.  It has the ability and the intention to 
elevate the presence and availability of Permaculture
world-wide, and to develop an on-going  resource
center and model of sustainability.  With a core of
certified Permaculturists to work on continuing and
periodic projects, more principles of sustainable
design and thought will pass on through the volunteers
who make it all happen.

  - The course offers a clearly superior Permaculture
  - This course is the most affordable certification
course available and the only intensive training
available in Texas for the past three years.
  - Includes a field trip to several existing Pc
  - Musicians and Kerrstaff are especially welcome.
  - Meals will include vegetarian options.
  - Dry floorspace for bedrolls or cots is included in
the cost.
  - Camping or RV hookups are available and hotel
arrangements can be especially arranged in Kerrville 9
miles away.  Kerrville is on the Guadalupe River and
Interstate 10, north of San Antonio.
Cost : $900, $800 by October 10th.  Pro-rated partial
attendance and some partial scholarships will be

Kirby Fry 512-663-9538 (Austin-area)
Rick Wright 830-377-3253 (on site at the Ranch)
kerrmaculture at yahoo.com

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