[permaculture] 2012 Found!

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Apr 14 23:22:03 EDT 2005

Peter Tagtmeyer wrote:

>I found him:
>From: lance <phytomphalosfarm at ...>
>Subject: Re: permaculture Digest, Vol 15, Issue 10
>Newsgroups: gmane.politics.activism.permaculture
>Date: 2004-04-11 23:02:28 GMT (1 year, 2 days, 14 hours and 52 minutes

Now I remember. Someone once asked my permission to gateway this list to 
a companion permaculture list somewhere in Scandinavia;
on the gmane.org server. They have archives for this and their own pc 
list dating several years back.


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