[permaculture] alternatives to maple syrup

Paul Wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Wed Apr 13 22:39:10 EDT 2005

I have a shop full of canes, fruit trees, strawberry plants, etc.  Just getting the
ground ready for planting.

I'm trying to wean my kids off of the chemicals without breaking the bank.  

I have found a source for organic sugars.  I'm thinking I could warm up some water and
sugar and add a little _________ to make something that the kids would like to put on

I bought a couple of small bottles of real maple syrup at $7 per bottle.  Each bottle
would last one meal.  Just looking for an alternative.

--- Robert Waldrop <rmwj at soonernet.com> wrote:
> Since my fruit trees and berry bushes started
> producing fruit, and I learned to make home-made
> jams and jellies, our household consumption of the
> fake maple syrup typically sold in grocery stores
> has plummetted to zero.  We buy freshly ground
> Oklahoma grown certified whole wheat flour via the
> Oklahoma Food Cooperative, and make wonderful
> light pancakes from it.  Pouring the chemicalized
> fake maple syrup on such a delicious food would be
> like pouring motor oil over freshly cooked new
> potatoes.
> So plant some fruit trees and berry bushes, and
> make your own jams and jellies and you won't need
> to buy fake maple syrup.  Note that the "mapleine"
> flavoring that people use to make fake maple syrup
> is (as far as I know anyway) an industrial
> product.  You make a supersaturated sugar solution
> and add the flavoring.  Using homemade jam is a
> much better idea.  Making your own jam is not
> rocket science and not particularly an onerous
> kitchen task.  Indeed, it is fun.  Two peach
> trees, two plum trees, a small thicket of sand
> plums, and 4 mulberry bushes provided us with all
> the fruit we needed last year to make enough jam
> to last us the entire year, with some to give
> away, and plenty of fruit to eat fresh and make
> cobblers with during the summer.
> I think this is a very good question, btw, because
> for most of us, permaculture should begin in the
> kitchen.
> Robert Waldrop, Oklahoma City
> www.bettertimesinfo.org
> www.oklahomafood.coop
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Paul Wheaton" <paul at richsoil.com>
> > I'm trying to eat only organic these days and
> real maple syrup costs a small fortune.
> >
> > I remember making syrup out of something called
> "mapeline" (sp?) - but what is that
> > stuff? I tried to google, but I keep getting
> recipes for how to make syrup.
> >
> > I wonder about alternatives to maple syrup that
> I might be able to make the same way:
> > sugar, water and .... flavoring. Vanilla?
> >
> > Any ideas?

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