[permaculture] Fukuoka, Permaculture, Schauberger, Rockdust and compost

Andrew Clements jara at otenet.gr
Wed Apr 13 06:03:30 EDT 2005

Dear Doug,

   I have found four concepts to be fabulously effective in restoring nature
to its once pristine condition. They are Fukuoka, Permaculture, Schauberger
and now Rockdust. Fukuoka observation and seedballing with permaculture
philosophy, Schauberger water concepts,  rockdust and compost have
transformed the once chemical nightmare of a farm I acquired into a
recovering paradise.


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> In one of Fukuoka's books or articles he said that he had ruined three
> mandarin orchards learning how to "not do" things in the right way.
> E=m x c squared
> is pretty simple but I hear the applications take some skill.
> I also am not sure I want to swallow Fukuoka whole hog.
> However, I do suspect he's a genius.
> It's pretty much the way I feel about Bill Mollison.
> Doug Woodard
> St. Catharines, Ontario

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